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Our Mission

The East Bay Bioscience Education Network (EBBE Net) Career Initiative is grounded in and seeks to address state and regional workforce challenges in the area of biomedicine and health-related careers.  California remains the world’s leader of new innovation in emerging scientific and technological disciplines such as personalized medicine, regenerative medicine, mobile health, and nanotechnology (2012 California Biomedical Industry report).  The EBBE Net Career Initiative seeks to address the educational challenges to increasing the numbers of high school students, particularly those from underrepresented groups, entering two and four year programs to pursue biomedical/health-related careers/degrees for future local employment.

This Initiative uses the analysis of reports from the National Research Council, Bayer Healthcare and the BayBio Institute by creating a collaboration-based career curriculum model with modular resources that can be used by teachers in core biology and other life science-related courses typically taught in grades nine and/or ten.  The resources will be available to all teachers and their students as a supplement to existing curriculum, especially on the topic of biotechnology.

This particular inquiry-based supplemental curriculum will be designed to support high-school teachers in affording students opportunities to not only learn about a range of healthcare-related careers (career awareness), but to engage in collaborative work with practicing members of these careers (in both in hands-on projects and in technologically mediated ways) to address real world problems.  The high-school students are first involved in hands-on lab experiences that provide the basis for understanding science concepts.  These concepts are related to career exploration, and career understanding [e.g., of relationship between science content and career applications], and learning what it means to think and act as a practicing biomedical/healthcare-related professional.